Sun-dried Cherry

Sun-dried cherry moist
deaths in gold sun-lit day
dancing warm shadows
baked in your wet clay

Before you, then I writhe
in cherry-coloured taste
paint me you in red ink
drawn blood in haste

my own, then you
sift through me like sand
twirl me, circle me, you
in the soul of your hand

Taste me, come now
lick salt-flavoured lies
sketch you then shadows
between your charred sighs

Knead me, seek me
you come in the dark
leave me, then you
your own pained mark

Breathe me my moans
you, sang on your tongue
give me little deaths
in cherry-flavoured tones

2 Replies to “Sun-dried Cherry”

  1. Hi

    very intense. cutting. I liked it. its so very down the memory lane -some of us have lived thru
    post some more of ur work
    its good

    best wishes

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