1. I am tired of being mistress and a diva in closed doors, I want you to take me out and tell the world, that I belong to you. Own me, the way you picked me up from road. fearless and bold!   2. My role in bed is my choice, not your demand. So don’t think, I am entertaining… Read more →

It is Right to Say

I am heartbroken Sometimes it is right to say that flat out naked voiced I am empty I am sad I wish this thirst, this sore throat, this myocardial infarction this worthlessness this grief this doom would exit in one full throttle glottal raging yell of pure sound and leave me skin and bones only Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

Cried G-D

When Cain killed Abel He plead ignorance G-d did not challenge this But said: Abel’s blood cries out to me from the earth Some may lead blessed lives in the bliss of ignorance, and G-d does not challenge it But know this: All spilt blood cries G-d What this means is After you plant the seed You can never disown… Read more →

Credit: Larry Moore

عورت کے نام

تجھ کو معلوم یہ شاید نہیں ہم صنف مری اک تماشا بنا دنیا میں تیرا ہے یہ وجود بات جینے کی ہو یا بات ہو مر جانے کی بات کوئی جب ہو تُو ہے وہی پابندِ حدود تجھ کو مغرب سے ملا کیا فقط رسوائی کے جھوٹے وعدوں کی ردا چھین کے عزت ہے ملی اک تلخ دھوپ کے سائیوں… Read more →

Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love

Amongst the a.t.m. receipts in my wallet I gotta ticket           of unrequited love   It’s not as simple as the a.t.m receipts, you see — like you could punch the numbers on the terminal   and hit the Green Key for “Here she comes” —   She never came out for me   even though she’d signed that ticket with… Read more →