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  1. It has many more options for customizing the generated PDF.
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    7. 7point50 NetSend/POP3 Server

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    The author of KoolPlaya is FloatingUniverse. This article was last updated on July 24, 2015.

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  5. Scottish Gas to cut carbon emissions

    P&A office at Scottish Gas estate on Peterculter Road, with semi-detached houses added behind

    SCOTTISH gas is to slash its carbon emissions by 20 per cent.

    By SIMON JACKMAN Wednesday, 30th June 2014, 1:00 am

    The new apartments have been built behind the offices and residential workers. Picture: PA

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    Designers: Kevin Michael Lagio, Shane Meehan

    Production: Second Shot Films

    Spice Lock is the stylish and elegant, alternate lock for bike owners who desire an un-cluttered, sleek and attractive way to carry their valuables, with a security lock available for the bike in a classic, yet hands-free design.

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    First and foremost, this app comes with the integrated pen recorder, so it is exceedingly easy to make precise notes and take visual notes. The app records what you write on the iPad screen, and sends it to your computer via Wi-Fi, so you can download, edit and print it at will.
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  10. TwitterCamp is currently available for the following platforms:
    Windows Phone 7
    Mac OS X

    All downloads are provided in both binary and source format for all supported platforms.

    TwitterCamp holds a copyright license that is automatically included with your source code.


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    ■ 2 GB of SDRamMemory

    All that is needed is probably a graphics card with the appropriate features, but you only need to fulfill one requirement: pixel shader 2.0. And again, it is worthwhile to mention that this video card should have a DPI of 150 (dots per inch). But it will work fine with DPI rates of 120 or 150.
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    Catalog upto 4000 files

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  14. Visual studio-based tools for sector booting are in. I guess your looking for “setup.exe”, “foo.elf” or “foo.core” files. These are usually inside of “bin” folder. And you are also supposed to write your own kernel and stage1 into these “elf” files and then load them into the “bar” folder.

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  18. The interface is simple, as it is intended for novices, although the points listed above, might convince the more experienced users.


    1. Usage

    1.1. Compute your own CRC32 values

    1.1.1. Downloading

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  19. The best part is that it is completely customizable and can suit the needs of even a professional user. However, if you are looking for a simple interface that provides a working list view, this is pretty much the best pick. However, if you have a prior list of tasks from a similar note keeping app in mind, you can probably import them from there as well if needed.
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    No installation
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  22. The program doesn’t offer a feature set that enables us to compare it to KoolMoves, so we had to go with TrustTheCloud as the best alternative. It has a similar interface, but allows a better control over your projects. We also tested FinestMovies, which we like.
    We recommend you to see what trial version of this application you can afford before you make the choice, as some offer a demo version.
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  33. Thursday, September 05, 2018

    Click ’till you drop. Two TIme magazine writers get to geek out over the things they love. For this one, we have Cool Stuff in New York and Chicago, and these cool things are automotive and interactive. Please welcome Dean Lomax and Brian Sumes!

    How do you decide what can go in the pages of two cool specialty magazines you’ve created in New York City and Chicago?

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