I read the news about judgement in Mukhtaran Mai’s case with the same horror and disappointment that many in Pakistan felt and expressed. It is a terrible thing to see justice undone like this, at the hands of a supposedly victorious, independent judiciary, brought back to the bench through the blood, sweat and aspirations of so many hoping for change in Pakistan. Newspapers and media outlets responded with either indignation or smug satisfaction, portraying Mukhtaran Mai as either the ultimate victim or a lying, money-hungry slut who cried “rape” and fooled the world into giving her loads of money. (If this...
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Transnational South Asian Sexualities: Drag and Performance in London

I first encountered drag in Bollywood films in the late 90’s (Bade Miyan Chote Miyan, Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge etc). At that point I never really thought much about the complexities that...
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Police Brutality from Margins to Centre

November 26, 2010. It was Amir’s birthday, an annual function that is celebrated by most Eunuchs. The police illegally raided the occasion based on reports that drugs and alcohol were...
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Of Balls, Testosterone and Pappus

Education at cadet colleges often comes off as insentient and inanimate; snubbing and rebuffing all human emotions. However, standing alongside roads in apparent bliss, gathered around a sheesha in obvious...
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White Tiger

Winner of the Man Booker prize 2008, White Tiger has been read and loved throughout the world and surrounded by constant controversy in the sub-continent. I had been planning to read the book for ages but the hectic life of an MBBS had not yet allowed me to enjoy the...
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Dreaming of Darcy

When I am standing by the railing, you come up from behind me. Like in some epic romance, your arms wrap around my waist and your cheek fits snugly at my temple. I can feel the warmth of your chest rising and I can feel the hollow it leaves between...
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It is Right to Say

I am heartbroken Sometimes it is right to say that flat out naked...
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Having Found Ourselves in Separate Bodies

I spread turmeric On my lover's skin because The unfortunate truth of Having...
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Cried G-D

When Cain killed Abel He plead ignorance G-d did not challenge this But...
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