Cassidy Lenger

It is Right to Say

I am heartbroken Sometimes it is right to say that flat out naked voiced I am empty I am sad I wish this thirst, this sore throat, this myocardial infarction this worthlessness this grief this doom would exit in one full throttle glottal raging yell of pure sound and leave me skin and bones only Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

Cried G-D

When Cain killed Abel He plead ignorance G-d did not challenge this But said: Abel’s blood cries out to me from the earth Some may lead blessed lives in the bliss of ignorance, and G-d does not challenge it But know this: All spilt blood cries G-d What this means is After you plant the seed You can never disown… Read more →

your capitalism (sucks)

I’m trying to sell you my love that it is happier, more secure, clever I’m trying to sell you my touch that it is softer, harder, sexual I’m trying to sell you my company that it is funnier, deeper, never boring I’m trying to sell you my self that it is kinder, truer, more real Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email