Not even in footnotes can I encompass
my sense of expansiveness since
you left. Funny

I stayed away from writing countless
when we loved. It wasn’t merely
friendly antipathy

to low kins of romance – it was how much
you wanted that representation.
That I scratch tree

barks has more to it than cute. That Sindhi
meal you wanted
to make
eat was more you

(hunger). I’m hungry since you left
I’m vast. Enough to devour
you if I choose

Only you’d chalk my cannibalistic to
more craziness. Scratch
that tree and

find me eccentric flesh erratic blood. Since
you left I can plot with peace and
not be accused

conspiracy. The creek is more vivid to me
appropriates serene and
cleans little

worms in memories practising pain. One
day I’ll write you a song of

moment I’m graphing sense of insides also
absorbed in mild grass sun me
(I am large)

I’ve been afraid of confronting you in
countless but since you left
this came on auto

I even speak of it to people I don’t know
too well.