The Weakling’s Register – Canto 30

Are you happy to come on this ride he said standing at the till
with the queue of people waiting to get on the carousel
and he held him by the shoulders to stop him going off

while all around the attractions, all the sounds of the funfair.
I don’t understand your decision he asked him in a murmur
wanting things that stand still with so much else to try:

look at the Big Spinner or the Vessel of Death
those are the real things not these horses’ lip-curling
not this sissy music

but the thrill of the void. He pointed to the horizon
he showed him the Thunderbird insisting
that when you’re a man some things are better

not these sissy merry-go-rounds and he asked
shall we have a go?
The child said nothing but shook his head a little

he remembered the year before he’d already been up there
and the emptiness in his tummy this thrust that empties you
as everything whirls around and you don’t know where to hold on

as the emptiness is growing and the pitching continues
as you’re gasping for air and he started to be sick
and his father was shouting, took him to the toilet

to wash off the shame, grieving for his manly son.


Registro dei Fragili
translated from the Italian by Anthony Robbins

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