I am tired of being mistress and a diva in closed doors,
I want you to take me out and tell the world,
that I belong to you.
Own me, the way you picked me up from road.
fearless and bold!



My role in bed is my choice, not your demand.
So don’t think,
I am entertaining you.
It’s you who needs me and rely on me.
I can leave,
I want.



You said you have arranged a place,
an opulent room for just two of us.
I won’t mind,
being close with you.
But last time I checked
you said
you love me.

2 Replies to “Untitled”

  1. it is ok but the words I BELONG TO YHOU do not suit with freedom of women. When we say they are equal to us then they not be treated as belongings but free like men

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